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Photos Updated 11/15/2007 - More coming soon!!

Welcome to my home page.  This web site is here mostly to publish pics of my friends, family and my travels. I'm a webmaster, artist and businessman so links to my works are here as well.  Please feel free to send me comments as I do work on this site from time to time. 

I'm a typical entrepreneur and capitalist.  I own a sign and graphics shop in South Lake Tahoe, called Dollar Signs and Graphics.  Our signs are all over town and our web sites all over the internet. I've been an entrepreneur since I was a small child, selling tadpoles and stickers to my schoolmates in 2nd grade, selling fresh homemade lemonade in 3rd and running a pet sitting business through middle and high school.  I was the only 12 year old in my neighborhood making $20/hour!  I'm also a real estate tycoon in training and quite the stock investor, I'm always a step ahead of the rest!

I was born in Montreal on April 2nd, 1975 and bounced around a bit.  I was raised by my grandparents in Ste-Rosalie for a few years before my dad and step-mom took us over when I was 8.  They raised us in beautiful Ville Mont-Royal for a few years where I attended the prestigious Brebeuf before moving to the Boston area January 21st, 1989 where I attended Marblehead High School.  In 1993, I went to Umass Amherst and 4.5 years later, I finally graduated with a Bachelor In Business Administration (BBA).    I immediately moved to Lake Tahoe to start my career in the computer world.  I worked my way up the ranks at one single company as I ran a large dot com corporation call Global Reach Inc as VP of Operations  It was a great job and I was able to really turn the company around from losing money and shrinking to a profitable, efficient and growing organization.  I worked my way up the ranks as Marketing Specialist to Marketing Director and Project Manager.  Global Reach Inc specializes in hosting & networking services, web design, internet marketing and profiting from many high volume web sites, many of which were high quality adult membership sites.  I have now left that job to pursue full time entrepreneurship.  I have been doing consulting and internet sales with my side business, WorldWide Marketing and recently purchased the assets of a sign shop to pursue creative designs for print, web and business applications.  On my free time, I get to enjoy all the beauty and activities Lake Tahoe has to offer.  Some of my favorites are snowboarding, boating, camping and taking advantage of the 24 hour party life Tahoe is known for.  I tried to spent as much time as possible traveling when I was in the corporate world and my last major trip was to Peru.  I've taken trips all over California, Nevada, New England and parts of Europe.  My travels are on hold for awhile though while I get this business off the ground but I have all my past travels here and  I publish these pictures on the internet for you so I hope you enjoy them!  I've been learning Spanish and I hope to be heading to South America some more in the near future.

Yan Campbell
PO Box 13577
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96151
ICQ#: 4790444
Work Phone: 530-544-7058

Yan's First House
I just bought my first house in 2004 so click on the house to check out the pics!

General Questions and Information for those who don't know me.

What's your full name? Yan Campbell is my full name.  I don't have a middle name.
Where were you born? I was born in the wonderful city of Montreal, in Quebec, Canada.
Where did you grow up? My folks moved us to Marblehead, MA when I was 13 so I'd say that's where I grew up. It's a small beach town in the northern suburbs of Boston, often referred to as "the North Shore".
Where do you live now and why? I live in South Lake Tahoe, California because I love the outdoors, particularly lakes and mountains. I love the pace of life here, there's always something fun to do & the beauty and excitement this town offer are unsurpassed anywhere else I've ever been. 
What was UMASS like? My degree from UMASS Amherst was a Bachelor in Business Administration, Class of 1998.  UMASS has a truly awesome business program and provided me with a great education and business foundation.  I had an amazing 4 years experiencing young adulthood with all types of friends, situations and creating many long lasting memories and friendships.
What are your hobbies? I have many many hobbies.  Some of them are: Wakeboarding, Snowboarding, Cooking, Camping, Motorcycles, Aquariums, 4wheeling, Gardening, Carpentry, Computers, Kayaking.
What languages do you speak?  I learned French for the first 13 years of my life and learned English in middle school.  I've been trying to pick up a little Spanish here and there also when I have the chance. I also took 4 years of Latin but I can hardly claim to speak that one. 

Wanna know EVERYTHING about me?  I recently took a personality test and these answers are right on!  So read if you dare, these are the nitty gritty details that makes me tick!

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New Pictures/Additions

Adult Content Warning:
This album is intended for adults only. 
Some images may have nudity or heavy partying and be unsuitable for small children or big babies.
You must be 18 years of age or older to view my pictures.

Yan's Abode
Heavenly Views of Mt-Tallac while snowboarding with Jeremy back in 1998. 
Pics taken from West bowl on a SICK Powder day if you wonder...

Ringing In the New Year ~ New!
Shelly's Birthday on the MS Dixie ~ New!
Amber's Birthday at Scusa's ~ New!
My Trip to Barcelona, Spain ~ New!
Jason and Natilee's Wedding ~ New!
Boating Pics from the Summer ~ New!
Misc Friends, Babies & Pets ~ New!
Holmes Safari #9 ~ New!
Visiting Jon Shutz and the Hoover Dam ~ New!
Updated Pics of My Beautiful Home ~ New!
Trip to Mexico with Rums, Angela & Girkin ~ New!

Snowboarding Pics
Thanksgiving - Historical Tour of Massachusetts
A tribute to Mom
Misc Pics of Shelly & Bonus pic of my new haircut
Chad's Birthday & More
San Francisco with Shelly
Boating Pics
Ella's Wedding
Jason and Natilee, partying at the house 

Picking up a Boom Truck in Utah
Halloween at Eagle's Nest
System of a Down Concert
Hanging in San Francisco
Samples signs from the sign shop
Marriage de Lyse et Pierre
Fred and Daniella's Wedding
Summer in Boston
Marine World and Santa Cruz
4th July Weekend
1st day on the boat
Trip to Peru
My Big 30th birthday bash
A snowboarding day at Sierra with my roommates
My parents come to Tahoe for a Ski Trip
My annual Vegas Trip & The Zerbys' Wedding

Housewarming Party, Billy's Bday and Pot Luck
Pics of my first house
Wakeboarding on Chad's boat
Bday Weekend with Friends
Holmes Safari 2004
Scott & Michelle's Wedding
Ski Trip to Mammoth
Our first day on the lake in April!
4 Wheeling to the Carson River
Babes and Cars from the Vegas Conventions (CES/Internext/AVN)

Hazel is Born
Various Friends at Home
Jessie & Genevieve's Wedding
Vegas Convention
Xmas Decorations

Christmas Break with The Campbell's
Thanksgiving Break with the Family back in Massachusetts

Miscellaneous Tahoe Summer Pics
Weekend after 9/11 Office Party - Glad to be alive & doing Keg Stands at work!!!
Halloween 2001

Trip to Budapest, Hungary & Chamonix, France
Warped Tour 2002
Rock Climbing
First Time Wakeboarding

Spring Snowboarding at Heavenly
Boating on a small lake
High Speed Boating on the Tahoe Thunder
Miscellaneous Summer Pics & Sunsets
Tom and Amanda's Going Away Party

Christmas Pics

About Yan

My Curriculum Vitae
My New Homepage - New!
My HTML Tutorials
My Search Engine Placement Business
My friends with home pages
Nick's Holmes-Page
My Flash Studio/Portfolio - New!
Looking for affordable full time web work? - New!
My Anti-Virus & Security Resources - New!

About Yan Campbell

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